For Graduate students/Post-docs

We are seeking energetic, creative and highly motivated individuals to develop and apply cutting-edge mass spectrometry technology to cardiac systems biology. You will be involved in NIH-funded projects in the areas of cardiovascular proteomics, systems biology and regenerative medicine. Our research is highly interdisciplinary at the interface of chemistry, biology, and medicine; combining the technological advances and biological/physiological functional studies. Our long term goal is to advance our understanding of the molecular basis of diseases and foster the development of new strategies for early diagnosis, prevention and better treatment of cardiovascular diseases

For graduate students, please apply for the following UW graduate programs:

    Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program
    UW Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology
    UW Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
    UW Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Pathology
    UW Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Training Program
    UW Physiology Training Program

For post-docs, experience in proteomics/mass spectrometry/separation sciences/ molecular biology/protein chemistry/cardiovascular research is preferred (but not required). Good communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment are essential. To apply, submit a statement of research interests, curriculum vitae, a brief description of career goals, and three references to: Dr. Ying Ge ge2@wisc.edu Graduate students and post-docs are encouraged to apply for the following research fellowships:

  1. NIH training fellowships:
  2. AHA Pre-doctoral Fellowship:
  3. AHA Post-doctoral Fellowship:

For Undergraduates

Motivated undergraduate students from all science and engineering backgrounds at any stage of college studies who are interested in systems biology and medicine are welcome to participate in our interdisciplinary research, for research credit or summer research. Please contact Dr. Ge directly with resume and academic transcript. ge2@wisc.edu

Undergraduates are encouraged to apply for the following undergraduate research fellowships:

  1. Hilldale Scholarship
  2. Holstrom Scholarship
  3. Academic Excellence Scholarship
  4. Chemistry Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  5. Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Scholarship
  6. National Institutes of Health /
  7. Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
  8. Rhodes Scholarship