Public Education Resources

The Human Proteomics Program will establish educational programs and means of communication to inform both investigators and the public about the basis for proteomics and its potential as a tool for biomedical research and improving public health.

  • Proteomics Symposium: An annual proteomics symposium designed to educate potential users of proteomics technology about the basis for proteomics research, its capabilities and limitations, and its use for biomarker discovery and validation. Local and international experts will also communicate discoveries, new applications and advances in the field of proteomics.
  • Public Open House: An annual open house directed at K-12 students in conjunction with the proteomics symposium, to increase public awareness and public education in this emerging discipline.
  • Monthly Proteomics Journal Club: seminars and workshops held in collaboration with other mass spectrometry facilities on campus feature informal discussions about recent publications in the field and ongoing proteomics research at UW-Madison. The broadly defined theme includes the basis for proteomics and its capabilities in basic research, disease biomarker discovery, and clinical diagnostics.
  • Proteomics Training Program: Training opportunities will be offered to UW Madison faculty, staff and students in the use of mass spectrometers and informatics in order to facilitate ongoing biomedical research and to foster development of new research directions.
  • Hands-on Training Mini-courses: These courses will introduce the basic concepts in mass spectrometry and proteomics. No previous knowledge is required.