Equipment and Resources

Bruker SolariX XR� FT-ICR Mass Spectrometer

solarixThe 12T solariX XR� FT-ICR MS is a high performance hybrid system which combines the unsurpassed FT-ICR technologies and advanced triple quadrupole (QqQ) into a single instrument. This instrument has unprecedented analytical power and versatility, ultra high-resolution and sensitivity, and a variety of tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) capabilities for top-down proteomics and metabolomics studies. The solariX XR� system allows for mass resolution greater than 10 million. This level of eXtreme Resolution (XR�) represents an order of magnitude quantum jump in mass resolving power, opens up entirely new scientific frontiers in chemistry and molecular biology and enables novel scientific investigations. The solariX XR is capable to reveal the fine structure in isotopic patterns that are uniquely specific to the exact molecular formulae of the detected compounds.

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Bruker Impact II Q-TOF

TriVersa NanoMateImpact II Q-TOF is a bench-top time-of-flight mass spectrometer with ultra-high scan rate, mass accuracy and sensitivity for high-throughput proteomics and metabolomics analysis. The new Impact II� is the latest innovation in Bruker�s unique UHR-QqTOF (Ultra-High Resolution Qq-Time-Of-Flight) mass spectrometry product line with industry-leading > 50,000 Full-Sensitivity Resolution (FSR).

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Bruker maXis II Q-TOF

TriVersa NanoMatemaXis II Q-TOF is a high resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer with additional electron transfer dissociation feature for the analysis of large protein, protein complexes and PTMs. It provides high versatility from small molecules up to megadalton complexes.

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Waters ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System

M-ClassThe ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System delivers the most robust, reliable, and highest quality nano- to microscale UPLC separations to every laboratory performing LC/MS analyses. With unprecedented usability, the ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System enables laboratories to succeed in analyzing compounds that are severely limited in amount or availability, even amid a complex matrix over several orders of magnitude. Confidently achieve aboratory goals with high-efficiency ACQUITY UPLC M-Class Columns ranging from 75 �m to 1 mm I.D. by using complementary mass spectrometry to support our full range of column I.D.�s, or run 300 �m to 1 mm I.D. columns with optical detection. The instrument is capable of applying improved 2D approach that uses RP at pH 10 in the first dimension, followed by RP at pH 2 in the second dimension for results that far exceeds those of conventional IEX methodologies.

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Waters ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System

TriVersa NanoMateThe ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System is the first UPLC/UHPLC system that delivers the flexibility of quaternary solvent blending with the advanced performance expected of UPLC separations: high resolution, sensitivity and improved throughput. The system�s holistic design is targeted for routine analysis and method development use and is perfectly suited for running both HPLC and UPLC applications while still realizing the improved resolution and sensitivity of UPLC separations.

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Thermo LTQ FT hybrid mass spectrometer

Thermo LTQ FT Mass SpectrometerThe LTQ FT combines the most advanced Ion Trap and Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance technologies into a single instrument with unprecedented analytical power and versatility. Ultra-high resolution and sensitivity coupled with sub ppm mass accuracy, and MSn are universally available for the toughest applications demanding rigorous structural characterization.

  • Attomole sensitivity
  • Widest dynamic range ( > 4.000)
  • ppb mass accuracy
  • Resolution > 750.000

For details, please visit the Thermo web site.

Thermo LTQ mass spectrometer

Thermo LTQ Mass SpectrometerThe ThermoElectron Finnigan LTQ is a linear ion trap mass spectrometer equipped with an electrospray ionization source. The LTQ is a state-of-the-art mass spectrometer with improved capacity, trapping efficiency, and scan speed.

The LTQ can be set up to collect full scan MS and MSn (n=2-10) data. Advanced scanning modes include data-dependent scans, zoom scans, and ultra zoom scans. Ion mapping experiments can be used to generate full scan, neutral loss, and parent ion maps. Both positive and negative ions can be detected.

Eksigent NanoLC-2D

Eksigent NanoLC-2DThe Eksigent NanoLC-2D is a fully automated 2-dimensional chromatography system ideal for whole proteome profiling, low abundance protein identification, and post translational modification. Built with a 10-port column switching valve, 2 binary gradient pumps and autosampler, the NanoLC-2D system does not only provide high-throughput proteomics, it is designed for flexibility. The system allows three modes of operation: 1D, 2D, or parallel separations with optimized ultra-low flow rates of first dimension 1-20 µL/min, second dimension 50-1000 nL/min. The novel pumping system eliminates the need for flow splitting, providing excellent run-to-run reproducibility.

For details, please visit the Eksigent web site.

TriVersa™ NanoMate® and ESI Chip® System

TriVersa NanoMateTriVersa is an automated nanoelectrospray source that integrates LC/MS, fraction collection and chip-based infusion in one system. It is ideal for characterization for post-translational modification (PTM) and biomarker discovery.

Advion’s ESI Chip unleashes the power of MS through miniaturization. Advion ESI ChipThis microfluidics chip contains an array of nanoelectrospray nozzles, each one-fifth the diameter of a human hair, etched in a silicon wafer. The fabrication technology is highly reproducible to ensure the integrity of each nozzle.

For details, please visit the Advion web site.